5 Reasons not to
outsource your IT Department

The decision to outsource any critical part of your organisation can be a difficult and emotional process. We wanted to address some of the significant concerns that decision-maker may face outsourcing the IT department to a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Time to action simple IT requests

Simple requests can sometimes take longer compared to when you have physical IT presence over an outsourced one.


  • With the diverse skillset, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) average time to resolve both simple and complex issues will be quicker than an internal resource.
  • Would the education of users help to limit simple IT request?
  • Consider a hybrid approach keeping some internal staff and enhance other areas with resources from the managed service provider.
  • Some providers can schedule daily or weekly onsite engineering visits.
  • Money saved through outsourcing can be re-invested into IT infrastructure which alleviates simple IT requests from happening in the first place.
  • A well organised MSP will have online Helpdesk with help articles that can facilitate with self-servicing.

Losing Control

Choosing the wrong MSP there is the potential to lose control of IT resources, and in extreme cases become locked into bespoke solutions that organisation becomes critically dependent upon.


  • Many MSP will have solutions that allow documentation of your IT setup to be shared securely along with crucial passwords.
  • With Cloud Technologies, the majority of reputable MSP's will implement mainstream solutions standard across the industry. They will often be resellers for more significant IT providers; allowing services to be transferred to other MSP.
  • IT Departments and individuals can often over-engineer solutions for your business that will be over-complex and potentially expensive. 
  • Choose MSP that will balance your contract terms that benefit both parties. 
  • Question MSP that also provides software and website development, products that they produce and then sell.
  • MSP will have senior-level IT professionals or even business owners that understand the importance of an IT strategy that underpins the organisation aspirations. 
  • The right MSP will help you balance what services they provide and those they will manage on your behalf.
  • MSP can provide regular reporting on IT services and service level agreements (SLA)
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Trust, Security & Culture

With an internal resource, its easier to build trust, manage security and instil company culture to the IT department. With any outsourced support, the trust will need building up over time. Larger MSP will require a longer time to built up this trust and converting company culture is difficult.


  • Including MSP staff with company social events and strategic planning days. 
  • Speak to potential MSPs about how they would develop trust with your organisation and steps they would take to understand your business.
  • MSP's deal with a range of businesses and technologies, they will have significantly more IT experience around security.
  • Many MSP implement standard industry practices such as Cyber Essentials, ISO and ITIL, further demonstrating their commitment to IT security.
  • MSP can dedicate a team of staff or individuals to deal with the majority of your IT requests allowing a rapport to develop between staff.
  • Regular onsite presence can further strengthen the working relationship.
  • MSP will implement change control and user access systems; this audits there interaction with your IT systems.

Unexpected Costs

There is a perception that outsourcing your IT resources you could be hit with unforeseen costs compared to annual budgeting of IT department.


  • Majority of providers will provide unlimited IT support contract based on average number tickets per month. Regular meetings will help both parties to balance costs.
  • MSP will look at long term relationships, where an investment in engineer resources to ensure your IT systems run smoothly.
  • MSP will have a higher purchasing power that internal department. They will leverage this for their clients to save money on IT purchases.
  • MSP works with multiple clients; they keep up on industry best practices and ensure these feed into clients long term IT strategies, avoid unexpected costs.
  • Mistakes and training is no longer your concern. The MSP needs to invest in its staff and infrastructure. If they get something wrong, they typically have scope to cover these costs to ensure the relationship remains strong.
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Quality of work

An internal IT department will have more time to spend on the details when delivering IT services as they only have one company to serve.



  • Not always the case, smaller IT departments can suffer burn out having to solve the same issues repeatedly. An engineer working within MSP deals with fresh challenges and different clients every day.
  • With exposure to a broad range of IT issues, MSP can deliver more effective solutions to common IT problems.
  • Not necessarily a bad thing, if your MSP concentrates on what delivers value for your organisation. Striking a balancing between the two provides the business most cost-effective solution.
  • Ensure MSP understand your business processes, where and when time needs spending.
  • Quality of work can be enhanced and systemised. Many MSP will use professional helpdesk software, with change control processes and documentation systems.

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