With the considerable rise in Cyber Crime in 2020 targeting people working from home(WFH)

Here are five simple tips to help you and your organisation safe

5 Key Cyber Security tips

Office 365 & Two Factor Authentication

Plan for Multifactor Authentication (2FA) for all your Office 365 Accounts.

Contact us for a smooth roll out of this free service.


At home, ensure you have this feature switched on for your personal email, Facebook, Twitter etc

Bank Payments

Never pay a new a supplier or invoice with a change of bank details without checking

Use another communication channel other than email. You can start this process by checking bank details online, does this Edinburgh business really have bank in London?


Email Best Practices

If you’re unsure about the contents of an email, simply delete it.

Nothing substantial is ever sent that you can not reach out via another line of communication to verify and ask for an email to be re-sent.

Hover over links before clicking on them, also consider copying links and pasting them into:-


Compromised Accounts

Don't panic, but we guarantee that you have at least one online account thas has been compromised.

Ensure it isn't something critical, recent or essential by using free services such as…


Password Database

That Excel document with all your business passwords isn’t secure.

For your family consider products like 1Password, Dashlane, LastPass.

For your business speak to us about MyGlue.


If you need to send a password to someone, send it using a service like…


Dunedin IT Security Suite reduces that risk further

Dunedin IT Security Suite can reduce the risk and stress of Cyber Crime to your organisation.

Affordable Security Solutions

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